What kind of projects do you take on?

This can vary from book illustrations, posters, flyers, e-learning illustrations, logos, presentations or animations. Do you have a different project in mind? Challenge me! I offer my services to all age groups.


What is your availability?

If you tell me about your project at least 2 weeks in advance, then I can collect all necessary information and data to create your perfect product!


Can you deliver illustrations exactly as I have them in mind?

If your illustrations are in the style that I offer, we will come a long way. Otherwise, I might ask for a reference. For example a photo or picture. After that, I will create sketches first.


How long does the work take?

There are multiple aspects that will decide this. A traditional illustration that is painted takes at least twice as long as a digital. The time of the project also depends on if I have multiple projects going on or not. For a more specific answer, don’t hesitate to send me a mail.


Do you teach illustration as well?

Yes I do. I give private classes as well as group classes (ages 7-25 mostly). If you want to learn how to draw, just send me a mail and we will figure out what kind of classes fit you best. I teach drawing the Tolk Talks Style. That means the style of what you see on the website.