What kind of projects do you take on?

This can vary from illustrations for books, cards, small comics, animations, and more. Do you have a different project in mind? Challenge me!


Is it not expensive to hire you as an illustrator?

I will never ask unnatural prices for my work. Still, having your own illustrations is always a little bit more pricy because when you hire an illustrator, you will get exclusive art that is not sold in stores. The price for an illustration also includes the costs of materials such as paper, pencils, software and sometimes paint. Digital illustrations are always a bit cheaper than traditional ones though.

I heard that you also teach illustration?

Yes I do. If your wish has always been to learn how to draw, then please contact me for one or more classes. This can be in real life or online.


Can you also speak Dutch?

Yes I can! I have multiple clients outside of the Netherlands, and therefore I have my website in English, but Dutch is not a problem for me.


Do you have your own original characters?

Yes for sure. On a weekly base I create a comic about Budgy the bird for the newspaper. I added one of the comics to the photo on this page.